Hour of Power Bible Study

Join us Eveyday at Noon EST for a daily bible study led by Pastor RJ that will engage you using topics relevant for everyday life!

WARNING: This Week's Bible Study WILL Change Your LIFE!!!

Session #1:

An Introduction to Spiritual Gifts


This week, we're talking about "Spiritual DNA". As we journey together, this bible study series will open our eyes to the possibilities that will be unlocked by Discovering, Identifying and Mobilizing our spiritual identity! 

Each day, Pastor RJ will guide us through informative and engaging sessions! You should consider joining us everyday at Noon EST for an experience...like never before!


The resources below are provided for you to explore deeper into your spiritual gifts! Feel free to utilize them and share them with others you'd like to join you in your discovery!

Lifeway's Spiritual Gifts Resources [pdf]

Click the links below to download these resources to begin the process toward identifying your spiritual gifts. Answer the questions asked in the Spiritual Gifts Survey with your preference! There are no right or wrong answers. Honesty is the best policy!

  1. Spiritual Gifts Assessment Process

  2. Spiritual Gifts Survey

  3. Spiritual Gifts List

  4. Spiritual Gifts Test for KIDS

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