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Schedule of Events

Sunday Morning Worship Experience - Every Sunday at 11:00am

Mid-Week (WoW) Experience - Every Wednesday at 7:00pm (beginning January 2020)

*The doors will open 30 minutes prior to all events/meetings!

Worship and Glow Tampa

COMING SOON!!! Stay Tuned for the Date!

NSP introduces "The Hub" an iNovative Space Project

Join NSP as we introduce another community resource! We're creating another opportunity to be a blessing to the community! This project is designed to provide a co-working opportunity with computer workstations, training and workshop space, media production soundstage and "HeBrews Coffee Shop".

Friday, February 22nd at 7pm

Pastor RJ presents Worship N' Glow

Join Pastor RJ and the Tampa Bay Area YPD'ers for a night of exciting music, special featured guests and you've never seen before!

Tickets $7 | CLICK HERE for tickets and more info!

February 14th - 16th

11th Episcopal District Black Heritage Festival

The Electrifying 11th Episcopal District presents the Annual Black History Festival on the campus of Edwards Waters College in Jacksonville, FL! YPD'ers from across Florida and the Bahamas will come together in a weekend of fun and competition!

Sunday, February 2nd at 1pm

The NSP "Souper Bowl"

Come out and play and cheer on the NSP YPD'ers (and OPD'ers) as they compete in the funnest flag football game you've ever seen! Plus taste away as NSP members compete in a "SoupOff" that's promised to be MM..MM..Good!

January 22nd-26th

JumpStart 2020 Revival Experience

You don't want to miss this revolutionary revival experience featuring guest revivalists

Rev. James V. Williams of Mt. Olive AMEC - Clearwater

Dr. Jeremy Gibson of Awakening Church - Brandon

Saturday, January 18th-19th

Pastor RJ facilitates Tremendous Tampa District LTI

Join us for this day of leadership training with the topic of: "What to do When What You've Been Doing Ain't Working"!

January 16-18th in Daytona Beach, FL

Pastor RJ presenting at 11th District CED LTI

Travel with Pastor RJ as he presents "Teach Me How to Tech My Worship" during the 11th Episcopal District 

Saturday, December 7th at 4pm

Pastoral Welcome Celebration : "Passing the Mantle"

Join us as we introduce Pastor RJ Stevenson to the Tampa Bay Community and welcome back our former pastors to pass on the mantle of ministry at New Saint Paul AMEC!

Sunday, December 1st at 4pm

Pastor RJ preaching for TTD Planning Meeting

Join the NSP Family as we support Pastor RJ as he preaches the message for Presiding Elder James O. Williams and  the Tremendous Tampa District (TTD) during the District Planning Meeting! Meet us at:

Bethel AME Church

5001 Cumberland Drive

Tampa, FL 33617

During this meeting, we'll receive the district calendar dates for the conference year.

Sunday, November 17th at 4pm

Pastor RJ preaching at Mt. Zion AME Church

Travel with the entire NSP Family as we visit Mt. Zion AMEC for their Annual Family & Friends Day!

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