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ReLoaded Virtual Revival Experience


It's been my norm to schedule revival experiences to begin each year! This year, we were challenged to embrace the Daniel Fast 21-Day Transformation experience. We began on Monday, January 4th and will complete the journey on Sunday, January 24th! I believe it is not a coincidence that we are shifting from a period of fasting and prayer into revival! Fasting and prayer prepares the believer for what they anticipate from God. When Daniel fasted and prayed, he was seeking direction from God 

"Daniel records three times when he fasted, but he most likely did so more often. The first fast was recorded in Daniel 1. The food and wine the king wanted Daniel to eat had been offered to idols. However, he had already consecrated (set apart) his life to God. If he ate or drank of these things, he would defile his body. So that‟s why Daniel requested that he eat only vegetables (which actually included fruit) and drink only water.


Chapter 9 has the second recorded time of Daniel fasting and when he was deeply distraught over the nation of Israel being in exile. Jeremiah had already prophesied that Israel would be set free after 70 years of captivity. The time had come and so Daniel prayed and fasted. This time, it was probably what is called a “normal fast,” which is water only.


Chapter 10 has the third recorded time of Daniel fasting. He was concerned about a powerful dream he had received."

(An excerpt from the "The Daniel Fast Cookbook" – Version I © 2008 by Susan Gregory)

As we shift into the ReLoaded Revival Experience, we will begin to strategically align our ministry efforts to serve God's people and the community-at-large in an effective and intentional way! 2021 will be a strong year for discipleship and evangelism! What better way to usher us into action than activating the sound, energy, presence and power of REVIVAL!

Join us for these power-packed experiences!

Full Revival Experience Schedule

Sunday, January 24th at 11am

New Saint Paul Family Worship Experience

Pastor RJ Stevenson will be ministering the finale of the 4-part sermon series, "What Did You Bring to This Table?" entitled, "Do You Have Any Evidence?"

Monday, January 25th at 7pm

Monday Night Momentum

Pastor Jarett R. Williams

Alive in Christ Church (Milwaukee, WI)

Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm

Tuesday Night Turn-Up

Archbishop Anthony W. Slater

The Cathedral at Tehillah Church Ministries (Goldsboro, NC)

Wednesday, January 27th at 7pm

Walking Through the Word on Wednesday - Bible Study

Join Pastor RJ Stevenson for Week 3 of the engaging Bible Study series entitled, "Embracing the Power of the Holy Spirit" 

Thursday, January 28th at 7pm

Thursday Night Throwdown

Bishop Robin E. Franklin

The Nation of Praise International, Inc. (Ocala, FL)

Friday, January 29th at 7pm

Friday Night Fire

Bishop R. Tiff McCarter

The City Church (Henderson, NC)

Saturday, January 30th :: ReTool Leadership Symposium

9am - ReTooling Church Leadership

Presenter:  Rev. Dr. Robert Jackson, III

Senior Pastor of Saint Paul AME Church of Miami, FL

11am - Google Goes to Church

Presenter:  Christopher A. Chesnutt

Google Associate Business Partner | Church Administration Consultant

Founder of Synergy Leadership Academy

2pm - ReTooling Lay Leadership :: "The Lay Leader's Role in Championing the Mission and Vision of the Church"

Join the discussion as various lay leaders share their perspectives including:

  • How to Navigate Pastoral Transition

  • How Receive, Embrace and Communicate Vision

  • Engaging Youthful Leadership

4pm - ReTooling the Worship Experience

Presenter: Pastor Derrick Isham & the NSP Worship Team

Pastor Derrick Isham dives deep into a conversation about developing an authentic, relevant and effective worship experience that translates in both physical and virtual worship spaces.

Sunday, January 31st at 11am | Praise N' the Parking Lot

Fifth Sunday 42nd Street Community Fellowship Worship Experience

w/ Pastor Victor Ball & Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church

Come and see what happens when two community-minded ministries meet in the parking lot to usher the Spirit of God into our community!